AA Gaskets and NZ Gaskets

Together AA Gaskets and NZ Gaskets manufacture, market and distribute the Permaseal brand of automotive gaskets throughout Australasia. Combined AA Gaskets Pty Limited and NZ Gaskets Limited have over 65 years' experience in the automotive gasketing industry. Over the years the Permaseal product has evolved and developed into the product we are proud to offer today.

AA Gaskets Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned, specialist automotive gasket manufacturer, producing high quality automotive gaskets at Campbellfield, Australia. Over recent years a range of industrial gaskets and packings, as well as packaging lines have been heavily developed.  

The impressive success, achieved since its inception in 1954, has built on an uncompromising commitment to: Employing a highly trained and flexible workforce; Utilising state of the art gasket manufacturing equipment; Using the highest quality gasketing materials; Providing value by offering high quality automotive gaskets at competitive prices; Serving the automotive and industrial industries by providing the most comprehensive gasket range; Providing fast, accurate and complete delivery; Maintaining a superior level of technical excellence.


Annual Report

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