Investor Information

Securities Exchange Listing

The Company’s shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange Limited and trade under the ASX code CYG.
Australian Securities Exchange Limited Web Site: www.asx.com.au

Change of Name/Address/Banking Details

Shareholders should notify the share registry in writing immediately there is a change of their name, registered address or change in banking particulars for direct credit of dividends.

Removal From Annual Report Mailing List

Shareholders who prefer not to receive the annual report or are receiving more than one copy at a household or business should advise the share registry in writing.

Electronic Payment of Dividends

The Company encourages shareholders to receive their dividend payments by direct credit. Shareholders may nominate a bank, building society or credit union account for direct payment of the dividend. Payments are electronically credited on the dividend date and confirmed by mailed payment advice. Shareholders wishing to take advantage of payment by direct credit should contact the share registry to obtain an application form.

Shareholder Enquiries

Shareholders can obtain information about their shares or dividend payments by contacting the Company’s share registry at:

Computershare Investor Services Pty Ltd
Yarra Falls
452 Johnston Street, Abbotsford
Melbourne VIC 3067

+61 3 9415 5000

+61 3 9473 2500