Konnect Fastening Systems Australia

Quality products, high stock availability, expertise and agile service.

Konnect Fastening Systems

Konnect Fastening Systems®, Australia’s Fastener Specialists is the product of combining the leading regional fastener businesses throughout Australia into one coordinated trading entity. Konnect Fastening Systems® offers customers quality products, high stock availability, expertise and agile service through a national branch network.


The business has in various forms operated in Australia since 1912 (when FJ Sweetman started trading in Western Australia). Some of the very strong fastener brands that have become part of the business are Universal Fasteners, Sweetman Fasteners, Queensland Fasteners and Top End Fasteners. All these businesses now trade under the Konnect Fastening Systems®  brand.

Konnect Fastening Systems® places a great emphasis internally to deliver:

  • quality products to ensure peace of mind
  • quality service with prompt, accurate, and full delivery of requirements
  • quality advice to ensure the best product is recommended for the application
Konnect Fastening Systems® is a true fastener specialist stocking a wide range of products in the following critical fastener lines:
  • mild steel and high tensile bolts, nuts, washers
  • stainless steel fasteners and hardware
  • structural assemblies
  • self-drilling screws, rivets, nails
  • masonry fasteners, mechanical and chemical anchors
  • petrochemical fasteners, stud bolts, and nuts
  • socket head cap screws, grub screws
  • threaded rod
  • small fasteners
  • custom forged fasteners
Konnect Fastening Systems® stock a range of quality associated products to complement its core product offer. These products include:
  • cutting tools, drill bits, taps and dies
  • abrasives, grinding wheels and cut off wheels
  • industrial quality hand tools
  • industrial quality power tools
  • lubricants, cutting fluids and cleaners
  • sealant products, silicones, adhesives and epoxies
  • hoseclips and cable ties
  • lifting gear
  • welding gear
  • safety products

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